To the People of God:                                             February 2023

Greetings in the precious Name of Our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus,

         As we celebrate our first Men’s Day continue to pray for God’s strength to envelope us as we

move forward. God has sent me to bind the brokenhearted and to provide light in dark places.

I am so grateful to present a day for men to come together in unity, peace, and fellowship for the edification of one another. Berea Church here in Rogersville, AL is the venue for this event. We are glad you are here and gave attention to our call.

When we function as a unit, we are much stronger. We are here to build and then conquer, afterward to provide for those under our care. As men, we are often challenged with confrontations. And when you have more to lose somehow, we engage with a bit more scrap. When your life and the livelihood of your loved ones are at stake you fight harder. With this edge, we bring ourselves fully equipped to battle to conquer with our anointing as God directs.


Pastor Reginald Boswell


I pray God’s blessing upon those whose lives we have touched and those who have influenced us.

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